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Luciterra's weekly classes are offered in a progressive, five level format. Our range of classes fits every experience level, from seasoned performer to absolute beginner! Each class begins with warm-up that integrates yoga and Pilates exercises which is followed by technique drilling and repertory.

The aim of our classes is to focus on strong technique and dynamic choreography while exploring histories and socio-cultural implications of the dance forms that have contributed to our practice. Discussion and thoughtful consideration of the topics of conscientious cultural fusion and socially-engaged dance performances is strongly encouraged in every level of our school.

Luciterra offers a unique multi-instructor format, which means that all four members of our performance company instruct across all levels of our school. Our students benefit from exposure to diverse teaching approaches and, periodically, receive additional support from a secondary instructor. In such classes, the “lead” instructor teaches while the “support” instructor is available to provide personalized modifications and feedback. We believe that this approach offers our students an in-depth and dynamic learning experience.
Classes start on time, so please arrive 5-10 minutes before the posted start time. Please arrive 15 minutes early on the first day of each session and when dropping-in, so that we have time to process your payment and say hello! Please bring a water bottle, a yoga mat, and dress in comfortable and supportive clothing. 

Class Descriptions



Ruby is Luciterra’s introductory-level class. In Ruby you will begin learning the foundation of the Luciterra format including muscular isolations, full body movement and working with space. In this level, you will pay close attention to developing strong, safe dance posture.

Each class begins with a mini-lecture about the historical and cultural influences on our company’s unique dance practice. The techniques and movements we learn in class are integrated into a choreography, which you will learn throughout the session and are welcome to perform in the end-of-session showcase.

Whether you are returning to dance, seeking a new dance practice, or taking part in your very first dance class, Ruby will provide you with a supportive and fun learning environment!

Winter 2017 schedule: 

Monday 5:45-7:15pm at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre, Jan 9 - Apr 3. No class Feb 13

Taught by Laura June & Naomi

SOLD OUT. E-mail Luciterra to be placed on a wait-list.



This second level class is open to dancers who have a solid understanding of the techniques introduced in Ruby. In Tangerine you will deepen your exploration of the role of musicality in dance while learning more challenging foundational moves at a faster pace. If you have a solid grasp of the concepts and movement introduced in Ruby and you’re ready for more challenge, while still working on the foundational techniques, this is the level for you!

Winter 2017 Schedule (2 options):

Monday 7:30-9:00pm at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre, Jan 9 - Apr 3. No class Feb 13

Taught by Laura June & Naomi

Thursday 5:45-7:15pm at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre, Jan 12- Apr 6. No class Feb 9

Taught by Gillian & Amber



Saffron is Luciterra’s third level class. Saffron instruction and choreography will focus on layering techniques and movements so as to create a more complex and nuanced dance. Luciterra will invite you to enroll into this class once you have developed a solid understanding of the techniques introduced in Tangerine and are able to successfully execute all basic movements taught in Ruby and Tangerine.

Winter 2017 Schedule:

Thursday 7:30-9:00pm at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre, Jan 12- Apr 6. No class Feb 9

Taught by Gillian & Amber



Cobalt is Luciterra’s fourth level class. This level is for students who have demonstrated full body intelligence and have refined the execution of all elements of the Luciterra format. Intended for students who have shown commitment and dedication to our school, to dance, and to themselves as dancers, Cobalt incorporates important discussions related to the practices and ethics of independent dance creation and community leadership.

Sunday 7:30-9:00pm at One Thousand Rivers, Jan 8- Apr 2. No class Feb 12

Taught by Amber & Gillian



Ultraviolet is Luciterra’s Repertory Ensemble class, by invitation for students to perform in Luciterra Dance productions. Ultraviolet focuses on a variety of dance techniques spanning a breadth of genres and emphasizes performance concepts and theatricality.

For students dancing beyond the classroom, Ultraviolet provides detailed refinement of both dance skills and stage presence. Ultraviolet students are expected to display a high level of professionalism in their approach to the dance form and to our production company. Ultraviolet students can be seen performing at various showcases and productions!

Sunday 5:30-7:15pm at One Thousand Rivers, Jan 8- Apr 2. No class Feb 12

Taught by all four Luciterra instructors

Ultraviolet is available by invitation only.



Dance Fundamentals is multidisciplinary mash-up class incorporating elements from contemporary, lyrical, and ballet. This series is ideal for adult dancers looking for an introduction to western concert dance in a welcoming and safe environment, or for adult dancers coming back to western dance after some time away. Thorough and in-depth technical warm-ups will develop students’ strength and flexibility. Focussing on clarity and fluidity of movement, students will improve stability in their bodies, increasing their precision in turns, travelling steps, across-the-floor combinations, and improvisational movement.

Students may select from two levels, encompassing a range from complete beginner to years of experience. If you are unsure of which level would be most appropriate for you, please don't hesitate to email us.

Winter 2017 Schedule (2 options):

Vancouver Burlesque Centre

Jan 7- Apr 8. No class Feb 4 and Feb 11

L2 Saturday 12:00-1:30pm or 1:30-3:00pm
Taught by Laura June


The January - April 2017 session has started. Please e-mail Luciterra for late registration.

5:00 pm
6:00 pm
6:45 pm

One Thousand Rivers

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Vancouver Burlesque Centre

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Pricing details for all 12-week class sessions:

  • $210 ($200+GST) if paid in advance of the first class;
  • $220.50 ($210+GST) if paid on the first day of class or later;

Drop-ins cost $18.90 ($18+GST). Note that drop-ins may not always be available. Please e-mail before dropping-in, as space is limited.

Luciterra offers a 20% discount to people living with fixed income (social assistance or disability). Please contact to receive this discount.

Accepted forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • PayPal (prices listed do not include PayPal or other services fees)
  • E-mail money transfer - if using this option please email for instructions 

School Policies:

Class Levels: All students new to Luciterra's school must begin in either Ruby or Sage. Permission is required to register in all other levels. Permission may also be required for registration in some specialty classes. The Luciterra instructors reserve the right to place students in the level they feel is most suitable.

Refunds: Except in extenuating circumstances, no refunds are given for missed classes. Students are permitted to make up a maximum of 2 missed classes by dropping into other classes on the regular schedule. Such make-up classes must be completed by the end of the current session or the missed classes are forfeit: the right to make up classes does not transfer from one session to the next. Attendance in a make-up class must be arranged in advanced and must be approved by the instructors.