Ashley López Weekend Intensive

Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020



Luciterra is over the moon to be hosting the wonderful Ashley López for a weekend of workshops in Vancouver!

Ashley López began dancing while earning her degree in Music for Opera. After working as a professional singer for a year, she moved into dance and fitness. Ashley is a certified yoga, Pilates and fitness instructor with 16 years experience and has created her own teacher training program, Integrated Dance, accredited through the American Council on Exercise.

A dedicated and passionate performer, she has toured as a guest artist with Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique, and has also collaborated with Rachel Brice's Datura Project as well as toured with The Vagabond Opera as a singer and dancer. Ashley has directed three dance companies: Trikhala in Champaign, Illinois, Orchid Bellydance in the San Francisco Bay Area and Allegro Dance Company in Portland, Oregon. She has also performed with dance companies such as SF Hula and the Mona Khan Dance Company.

Currently, Ashley has immersed herself in not only dance but circus training and is an enthusiastic contortion student. To date, Ashley has toured teaching workshops and performing in over 25 countries worldwide. She loves weaving her sense of musicality and flexibility into her unique style of performance.





Early bird if paid before December 15th - $273 ($260 + GST)
Regular price if paid after December 15th - $304.50 ($290 + GST)

Email to register!

Payment plans are available

It is strongly recommended to take the whole weekend together as material builds from day to day, however, single day and individual workshop pricing is available.

Single Day Costs:

Saturday - $157.50 ($150 + GST)
Sunday - $178.50 ($170 + GST)

Individual Workshop Costs:

Friday, Jan 31st:
Lecture Only - 6:30pm-8:30pm - $26.25 ($25 + GST)

Saturday, Feb 1st:
Unlocking the Upper Body - 2:30pm-4:30pm - $78.75 ($75 + GST)
This Body Can Talk - 5pm-7pm - $78.75 ($75 + GST)

Sunday, Feb 2nd:
Jaw Dropping Trickster - 10am-12pm - $78.75 ($75 + GST)
Movement from Within - 12:30pm-3:30pm - $99.75 ($95 + GST)

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Workshop Descriptions



Friday, Jan 31st:

Anatomy For Belly Dancers Lecture - 6:30pm-8:30pm
Scotia Dance Centre - Boardroom 677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

As a dancer or mover you may have heard some anatomy terms used by your teachers, but how do they really apply to your dance? What is the stuff you need to know to make you a better performer, dancer or teacher? From the perspective of a dedicated yoga, Pilates, rehabilitative exercise, dance and fitness instructor with over 15 years experience, Ashley will give you a grounding in the basic anatomy of bellydance. The goal is to help you learn how to use this information in your practice and/or your classes to improve your understanding of your own body and your students, and to help you more fluently articulate your instruction as a teacher.


Saturday, Feb 1st:

Unlocking the Upper Body - 2:30pm-4:30pm
D2 Dance Studio - 55 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Let’s dive deep into developing graceful, controlled, clean movement in the arms and upper body. Do you struggle with crazy hand or tense shoulders? Want to increase the size and smoothness of chest circles and figure-eights? Got a craving for faster, sharper locks but can’t seem to get them to look effortless? Here’s your chance to drill and perfect your upper body movement technique using some of Ashley’s favorite efficiency exercises and technical combos.

This Body Can Talk - 5pm-7pm
D2 Dance Studio - 55 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC

As artists, our instrument is our body. We invest careful attention to our instrument through physical exercise and dance technique training...but in order to speak to our audience we must learn to communicate through our presence and our movement. This workshop was designed for dancers who wish to deepen their understanding of conversation between performer and audience. Movers will be taken through mental, emotional, and physical exercises to enhance their ability to marry meaning, character and emotion with physical movement. There is no technical skill level required for this class. Just come with whatever you have to work with; and with an open heart and willingness to take risks.


Sunday, Feb 2nd:

Jaw dropping Trickster 10am-12pm
Scotia Dance Centre - 677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

This class is designed to help you train for those spectacular pivotal moments that require athleticism and grace. Interested in sizzling floorwork? You’re in the right place! You will be taken through a thorough full-body warm-up and proceed with exercises designed to help you develop front splits, side splits, and backbends. As class progresses, you’ll be given options for various beautiful poses (both on the floor and standing balance poses) that you can insert into your dance. We will discuss how to train safely and most effectively, and how to play to your strengths on stage. As time allows, you will be taken through transition techniques, to help you get into and out of these beauties seamlessly.

Movement from Within 12:30pm-3:30pm
Scotia Dance Centre - 677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

This workshop begins with working with the mind. Students will be guided through a meditation practice which will serve as fuel for movement creation later. After a thorough warm-up, students will experience a series of games and exercises for creating unique vocabulary based on the meditation practice. This is a fun, experimental class which pushes boundaries and requires dancers to dig deep within their own minds, emotional landscapes and physical capabilities. As time allows we will create a piece together.



Additional details will be announced leading up to the workshop dates.

Email to register, or if you have any questions.

Come dance with us!